TypeSet is a versatile online content management system (CMS) that strives to be the absolute easiest way possible for you to manage your website.


Add New Content

Just click the green button on any page to add new content.

Simple Navigation

Each type of content on your site has it's own tab, so it's easy to find what you're looking for. If your site only has a blog and photo gallery, then those are the only two buttons you'll see.

Content Listing

Review and edit your site's content here. Simply click on an item and you'll be able to make any changes you wish, or erase it completely.

Sign Out

When you're done, you can quickly sign out at the bottom right of any page.

Go Back

Back Button

Return to the previous page by clicking the gray "Go Back" button here.



Hit submit and you're done.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Keep an eye on exactly where you are with the prominent breadcrumb-style navigation.

Publishing Date

Set the date of your post in the future to schedule automatic publishing for later.

Publishing Status

Not ready to go live yet? Choose "Draft" and the post won't be published until you say so.


Want to add an image to this post? Choose one from your computer here.

Rich Text Formatting

Want to add an image to this post? Choose one from your computer here.

Preview and Linking

Take a look at how the post will look on the website while you work, or choose link to simply link to another website instead of writing your own story.

What Makes TypeSet Different?

TypeSet allows you to focus on more important things than learning how websites work.

What separates TypeSet from all the other management options out there is the fact that it is specially tailored just for your website's specific needs. The result is a very straightforward, understandable way to publish whatever you like straight to your audience without having to learn any complicated workflows, as is the case with many one-size-fits-all solutions.

Managing Your Site is Now as Easy as Writing an Email

Managing Your Site is Now as Easy as Writing an Email

...Maybe even easier. You won't need to pay a professional to keep your website up to date. TypeSet eliminates the middle man and puts the tools in your hands.

The Features You Want, None You Don't

The Features You Want,
None You Don't

Resen individually tailors each copy of TypeSet for your specific needs. This means you get the quality and ease of use of a completely built-from-scratch website at the price of a one-size-fits-all solution. No bloated "cookie cutter" software here, just the tools you need and nothing more.

Tools that Makes Sense

Tools that Makes Sense

TypeSet just makes sense. For example, if you'd like to change the order of some items on your site, you can do so by simply dragging things to where you want them to be.

Design Flexibility

Design Flexibility

As far as website design, the sky is literally the limit. You can have a completely custom-designed site that pushes the limits of the web, or you can use our extremely flexible QuickLoupe template system to design something easier than you probably thought possible.

QuickLoupe allows you to change the look and feel of your website simply by clicking what you want to change and doing so. It doesn't get any easier.

Engaging Content

Engaging Content

Thousands of people and businesses use our products for their wide range of needs. Many types of content can be accommodated, including news, blogs, personal profiles, rss feeds, event listings, photo galleries, art portfolios, videos, advertisements, links, online stores, visitor comments, product reviews, and contact email forms are all available, just to name a few.

File Management Made Easy

File Management Made Easy

Need to send your logo to someone fast? Upload and manage your online files without the need for a complicated third-party application. Drag, drop, rename, delete, and share your files straight from your web browser.

Think TypeSet may be right for you? Contact us!
Rich Formatting

Rich Formatting

We've incorporated professional writing tools such as the MarkDown formatting language to help you get your point across. MarkDown uses an easy-to-remember syntax that allows you to paste content directly from your favorite text editor, right into TypeSet.

Update your Website from Anywhere

Update your Website from Anywhere

TypeSet works with any standards-compliant web browser equipped device. This includes Macs, PCs, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and many other devices.*

Cruise Control

Cruise Control

With TypeSet, you can setup your website to basically run itself by adding content in advance and scheduling when you'd like it to be published.

Leverage Popular Technologies

Leverage Popular Technologies

Why re-invent the wheel when you can leverage industry-leading technologies like YouTube, Flickr, Gmail, PayPal, and Google Analytics? This ensures you're provided the absolute best experience when adding video or massive amounts of photos, processing credit cards, checking email, or checking your site's traffic.

Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Optimized and Standards Compliant

TypeSet adheres to the strictest coding standards, ensuring search engines are able to crawl and index your pages as best as possible. No gimmicky "SEO" tricks here, just the best practices that will always effectively get your message out.

The Story (In a Nutshell)

We're a small design and development firm that works very closely with our clients. Online content management using existing solutions had always left a little to be desired by both us (as developers) and our customers. So as a way to optimize our efforts and provide a better experience for our clients, we began developing our own content management tools to use in-house.

These tools have slowly evolved into 'TypeSet'. It's a solution to a real problem, and we're proud to say we practice what we preach by using it on a daily basis at Resen, as do several other businesses.

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